The origins of our company

Every story has a beginning and a main character, a person who struggles and overcomes difficulties. The beginning of Metalfor’s story takes us to El Fortín, a small town east of Córdoba Province, where our main character, Luis Dadomo, started helping his father with the rural chores from a very early age. However, due to his passion for mechanics, he would spend his free time fixing the tools they had in the farm.
As many other settlers, this Italian immigrants’ son remembers working with a plow and an old tractor in their small 200-hectare family field, during those cold, rainy winter mornings.
Dadomo remembers that when he was only twelve years old the situation was very hard and farmers had to go through many difficulties… In the meantime, his passion for mechanics continued to grow.
In 1970, he was 16 years old when, after 18 months of work and using borrowed tools, he finished building his first pull-type machine.
It took him three years to make his first sale. Using the money from that sale and from a loan, he bought the materials to manufacture two other machines. Young Luis Dadomo, was building, painting and selling his products across the country, at only 20 years old. He would show a black and white picture to help explain what a sprayer was. People did not believe he had designed that machine.
Later, our main character set a workshop in their parents’ shed, which allowed him to considerably improve his production. In 1979, he hired his first employee, and in 1982 he was able to buy a 10 x 20 m shed, which had belonged to his maternal grandparents; by that time, he already had five employees working in his workshop.
That was the beginning of Metalfor and a tradition that still continues: young people eager to learn, the goal of “serving the farmer” as a philosophy and the motto that his father, Mr. Florencio Dadomo, left him as a legacy: “Always with the truth in your hands”.
The company continued to grow and in 1984, they built the first self-propelled machine, which became a referent in terms of spraying machines and was frequently exhibited in prestigious fairs, such as the one in Palermo, Buenos Aires.
But… Metalúrgica El Fortín, Metalfor, was finding it very hard to be able to grow in a small town and compete with other national brands. In the town there were no roads or telephones, and the train was their only means of transport, and when it stopped working, buses would only come once a day. The lack of communication was harming the daily work and threatening the company’s future.
For this reason, in 1994 Luis Dadomo made the difficult decision of leaving his place of birth, the place where he had grown up. He had to start all over.
Along with his family and most of his collaborators, he moved to Marcos Juárez, which was the place chosen after several mayors had asked them to move to each of their towns.
The company, as usual, continued to grow. In 1998, they made an important investment in pickup trucks and trucks to transport machines, since up to that point, the sales had been made directly from the factory. This is how the Servimóviles network began, 8 sales representative located in strategic areas in order to be the first to reach clients.
Apart from growing in Argentina, they started traveling to Brazil in order to get to know the market and analyze the possibility of commercializing the products in that area. In 2001, the company rented a shed in Ponta Grossa, where the first machines were built, and at the end of 2002, they purchased a factory of 30,000 meters with a floor area of 7,500 meters to cater for the demand. The company also bought the former Araus plant, in the town of Noetinger, which is 70,000 square meters with a floor area of 15,000 square meters. It here where the first threshing combine, the MA 1360, was developed and introduced in 2005. Today, this plant manufactures automotive spare parts.
In 2006, the company showed its growth and innovation in Sociedad Rural Argentina, where its first tractor was presented, adding a new model to its range of products.
At the same time, the engineering and product development team was working in developing and testing the first axial combine made in Argentina. This was a firm commitment in a segment led by multinational brands. This wide range of machines made way to visits from foreign delegations which were interested in taking the machines abroad; this is how the company began exporting equipment to Uruguay and later to other markets in South America and Central America. Similarly, in 2007 the first machines were sent to East Europe and Africa, and we are still exploring new markets and participating in highly prestigious exhibitions worldwide.
Due to the market’s constant demand for technology, clearance, innovation, bar width and tank capacity, Metalfor developed a front-engined machine, which was presented at Expoagro in 2012. The new model, the Pulverizadora 7040 (Sprayer 7040), has large tires, bars of 32 m of working width, a new bar design, which is lighter and more flexible, and a 3,500 L tank. This fostered a radical shift the traditional manufacturing of self-propelled sprayers.
The Fertilizadora 7050 (Spreader 7050) was developed on the same platform. This was the missing product in order to be able to provide the client with a complete range. Along with this model, the company worked in pull-type spreaders, presenting the FSG 4000 M, the FSG 4000 H and the FSG 8000 H models. These machines, together with the Axial 1475 Max combine, were presented in the Agrishow of Riberao Pretto, Brazil, in 2013, achieving a major quality improvement for the products the company manufactures in both countries.

Our Products

Diversification is one of the company’s main objectives.
This is why Metalfor has pull-type sprayers with different capacities of 2,000, 3,000 and 4,000 liters. Self-propelled machines can have a mechanical and/or hydrostatic system, and their capacities go from 2500 to 4000 liters.
We also have different hoppers with capacities of 9, 11.5 and 20 TN, as well as support tanks with a capacity of 6,000 liters, and a flat support truck of 4 TN.
Similarly, we also have a wide range of wind products, for which we always receive technical advice from the Spain, and this has allowed the company to position itself within the fruit and vegetables industry.
The company’s objective is to accommodate its potential to the clients’ needs, not only regarding products but also services.
This is why we currently have 25 client service locations where each client can receive personalized help, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
All of this is possible thanks to a group of people who work daily to achieve their highest level of commitment and involvement, and who are decided to grow not only professionally but also as people.
Because Metalfor MEANS constant innovation; it MEANS creation which amazes and astonishes the market.
As our main character, Luis Dadomo, once dreamed in a small field in El Fortín, when he began to tell, in a low voice, this story called Metalfor…

Mission and Vision

To work continuously, and in an integrated manner, in order to provide products and services that satisfy clients, share holders, suppliers and the community.


Founder and President

Luis Angel Dadomo

Vice President

Omar Picatto

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