Bertotto Boglione – Metalfor SA – New Management

Dear customers, suppliers and distributors of METALFOR worldwide:

We want to share with you that Bertotto, Boglione S.A. has taken over Metalfor´s  operations in Argentina and Brasil, including its facilities in Marcos Juárez, Noetinger and Ponta Grossa.

Bertotto, Boglione S.A. is a solid argentinian company, with more than 70 years´ trajectory in the industry,  led by a group of thriving, talented professionals with very high manufacturing, quality and customer satisfaction standards.

Metalfor has a successful history in the marketplace, with an innovative product line and an important list of customers that will be well taken care of and enlarged. These assets, together with quality, will be decisively fostered, as we believe they constitute the basis of an ongoing and fruitful relationship with our clients worldwide. This objetive will be reassured by all of our personnel and suppliers.

¨Metalfor has had an outstanding performance as a company the last 43 years, and I want to make sure that it keeps growing and serving the market for 40 plus years more¨ former President and founder Luis Dadomo stated.

If anything has driven Metalfor to its position of leadership in the market, is keeping real close to its customers with technical support, spare parts and one of the lowest operation and maintenance costs in the industry.

Our aim is to position ourselves even closer to you, paying closer attention to your needs and making you participate even more in the process of innovation, both as customers and suppliers.

Bearing in mind that we are an important part of the most efficient value chain in the industry as is agricultural production, we can guarantee that this Board will always be ready and willing to listen to and follow any contribution that may further enhance the quality and performance of our products.

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